Why You Should Buy a Tuxedo Vest and Tie Sets

Tuxedo vest and tie sets are popularly sold at most stores selling formal wear. It has become very common today to buy sets of vests and ties rather than picking each article separately. It easier for the consumer to buy a great quality vest and tie that are color matched. If you know anything about formal fashion or fashion in general, then you know that your colors have to match, or else your doomed to be a fashion disaster. Having tuxedo vest and tie sets on the market eliminate the need to have to search far and wide for both a vest and tie that are not only color match each other, but also match your tuxedo.

Tuxedos are the epitome of style, fashion and class, they have been around for centuries and have a very interesting history. Tuxedos originated in 1860 when a company Henry Poole & Co. created a personalized formal garment for the price of whales who was then Edward VII. Edward then gave the outfit as a gift to the movie star James Potter. James wore the suit to a country club named Tuxedo Park. The tuxedo soon became popular at the club and thus the name tuxedo was give to the piece of clothing. From the club the tuxedo took off worldwide and became a huge fashion phenomenon.

Tuxedo Vest and Tie Sets

Early on since the tuxedos creation tuxedos have been worn with vests. In the beginning theses vests were of neutral colors like black or white. Now though it is not uncommon to see a purple tuxedo vest or even a lime green tuxedo vest sold in formal fashion stores and boutiques. With all the choices now available in styles and colors it can be hard properly matching and coordinating an outfit and that’s what is great about tuxedo vest and tie sets.

Tuxedo vest and tie sets can be found in a wide verity of matching styles and colors. You don’t have to go with a the common neck tie either there are plenty of tuxedo vest and bow tie sets available too. It’s simply a personal choice if one rather wear the traditional bow tie or the more popular neck tie. Tuxedo vest and tie sets price rang can be from very economical price of twenty dollars to in the hundreds for designer sets. These sets are especially great for those new to the formal wear experience. High schoolers attending their first formal dance or a prom should definitely think about getting vest and tie sets.

So if your in the market for formal wear and are thinking of adding a vest and tie to your ensemble remember vest and tie sets. Not only will they save you time by helping you find both a matching tie and vest, but by buying tuxedo vest and tie sets it insures that you have a perfectly matching outfit for your formal occasion.

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