Coolest Baby boy onesie: Tuxedo Onesie

What is the coolest baby boy onesie you can buy? How can you show off your baby boy and show the world that your baby is a classy newborn or infant with an impeccable sense of style? The answer to all these questions is the tuxedo onesie! The baby boy tuxedo onesie is a truly unique and fashionable baby clothing item. They make great gifts to any expecting mother at a baby shower or even a christening or baptism event.

The baby tuxedo onesies come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them in both long sleeve versions and short sleeve ones. They run around twenty to thirty dollars and can easily be found at any baby boutique or store that sells clothing for babies. They can also be found on sites like amazon for those having trouble finding their baby boy the perfect onesie. They make them for ranges of baby ages there are newborn tuxedo onesies, tuxedo onesies for 3-6 months olds, and even infant tuxedo onesie.

Tuxedo Onesie

So now that we’ve come to the conclusion of what the coolest baby boy onesie is, what exactly is a onesie? A onesie is a rather large baby shirt that has an extended portion to rap around the babies waist and function as little shorts. This extended portion of the shirt usually attaches around the babies waist through use of Velcro or some form of snaps. The term onesie is actually not the proper term used for this type of baby clothing, onesie is actually a registered trademark by the company Gerber Childwear, but the term has now become so commonly used that most people refer to them as onesies. The proper name for this item of baby clothing is actually “infant body suit”.

So if you want a comfortable outfit for your newborn or infant but still want the outfit to have a clear sense of class and style the baby tuxido onesie is your best bet. The Tuxedo onesie is the perfect blend of baby formal wear and comfort mixed together.

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