Tuxedo Morphsuit, The Coolest Costume Money Can Buy

If your looking for a unique and elegant costume the tuxedo morphsuit is the ideal option. They are the perfect mix of both the elegance of a tuxedo and the mystery behind the morphsuit.

So what is a tuxedo morphsuit, or better yet what is a morphsuit? A morphsuit is a tight spandex costume that covers the whole body including the wear’s entire head. The morphsuit is breathable and the wearer can ever drink while still wearing one. The term morphsuit really comes from a brand name that’s trademak is morphsuit but people have now used the term to describe any suit that covers the entier body in a skin tight material. The original name for such costums is Zentai, which comes originally from a japanise word that means full body skin tight costume.

tuxedo morphsuit

Morphsuits can be seen worn all over from music video’s of the black eyed peas to mascots at any major sporting event. Artist also use morphsuit’s a lot in performance art to emphsises the human body. Where ever morphsuits are worn they are sure to cause a spectacle and draw attention from everyone. For this reason alone one should consider wearing a tuxedo morphsuit.

The tuxedo morphsuit ranges around fifty to a hundred dollars in price. They can be found at local costume and novelty shops, but usually it easier to purchase them online from sites like morphsuit.com. Tuxedo morph suits usually do not come with shoe covers to complete the total outfit, but shoe covers can easily be bought at any location that sells tuxedo morphsuits for around seven dollars. The tuxedo morphsuit is fitted so its important you order or puchrcess your correct size or else the morphsuit will either not fit or not look like a morph suit. A properly fitted tuxedo morphsuit is extremely comfortable to wear around.

So if your looking for that unique and crazy costume idea for your next party the morphsuit is your best bet. The tuxedo morphsuit is classy while still bearing the air of mystery and being very comfortable when wearing them.

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