Tuxedo Costume Ideas

Are you looking for that special costume for Halloween? Maybe you just like dressing up for cosplay events? Either way one of the most fashionable costumes you can wear these days is clearly the tuxedo costume. The costume can be geared to so many different styles and fashions that you can literally fit it to your personality. This costume is so versatile and great for formal costume parties like office Halloween parties.
In this article I’m going to try to help better determine what costume fits you best by giving you tons of great tuxedo costume ideas.

Like I said before there are literally hundreds of ideas out there. Some of these ideas are great for you if you already have a tuxedo lying around the house, while others require you to buy the tuxedo costume themselves from a costume shop or online.

Tuxedo Costume

If you already have a tuxedo laying around the house and are trying to get together a costume for an event here are some great tuxedo costume ideas:

- President of the United States costume:
What president didn’t dress formally! A great added bonus to this idea is purchasing one of those latex president masks that they sell at costume supply stores.

- James Bond costume:
James bond is rarely seen with out his poshe tuxedo. All you need to add to this costume is a little plastic gun and maybe even a martini.

- Agent Smith costume:
Agent Smith from the movie the Matrix was always in his suit/tuxdeo. All you need for this costume is some good pair of black sun glassess, and if your really trying to get into the sprit things then you might want to add an ear piece to the costume.

- Vincent and Jules costume:
Pulp fiction was a great movie and the Vincent and Jules costumes make great comstume’s. all you’ll need to complete the jules costume is a mini afro wig and either real or fake sideburns and goatee. To complete the Vincent costume you’ll need a page boy wig.

- Tuxedo Mask costume:
Tuxedo Mask was the love interest of the main character on Sailor Moon is on of the most popular anime seiries ever. All you need to add to this costume is a top hat and a eye mask.

- Zombie groom costume:
This is an especially easy costume to assemble and a great tuxedo Halloween costume, the only thing is you’ll have to be be okay with getting your tuxedo dirty. To finsh off the zombie groom costume you’ll be to buy some fake blood from a costume supply store and put it all over your face and tuxedo.

Now that we’ve gone over some tuxedo costume ideas for those that have a tuxedo laying around the house we’ll go over some great premade tuxedo costumes that you can buy at any costume supply store.

- Dumb and Dumber Tuxedo Costume
- Crypt Keeper Tuxedo Costume
- Monopoly Man Costume

The women’s tuxedo costume though not mentioned earlier are just as popular. Some great examples of womens tuxedo costume are:

- Tuxedo Bunny Costume
- Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume
- Tuxedo Dance Costume

Women Tuxedo Costume

As you can see this costume is extremely versatility and can fit any style or even gender. It is important to note that all these can also become tuxedo costume for kids as well. Also there are a multitude of tuxedo costumes for dogs and cats, so you can easily dress the whole family up in tuxedo costumes.

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