Tips For Buying a Boys Dress Shirts

Boys dress shirts come in all different styles and fashions and if you want your boy up to date with a fashionable and cool shirt then you can not just go to the store and pick out anything. There are a lot of factors that come into play when going through all the boys dress shirts in stores and you need to be prepared and shop smart.

One of the key elements in picking boys dress shirts is what type of event the shirt is intended on being worn in. For more formal events the boys French cuff dress shirts is a good choice. The boys French cuff dress shirt is considered to be a more formal look that the button cuff. The French cuff is also called the double cuff, the French cuff shirt is folded back and are fastened with cufflinks or silk knots rather than buttons. For a less formal look boys short sleeve dress shirts are great for out door semi formal events.

Boys Dress Shirts

Another important factor in shopping for a dress shirts is the fabric. I personally prefer natural fabrics such as cotton. There are some benefits though to shirts made of synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics such as micro fiber are wrinkle resistant and knowing boys this can be a big plus. There are also synthetic blends such as the cotton poly blend that do not wrinkle and give the shirt material the same texture as a cotton shirt. For the more adventurous boy that seems to always stain his clothing you can find boys dress shirts made of nano fibers that are stain resistant.

Size is also a big issue with any shirt. It’s important to get a dress shirt that fits properly, so you should always have your son try on the dress shirt before purchasing it. A well fitted boys dress shirts should be above all else be comfortable to wear. The sleeves should be so that your boy can spread his arms out and the sleeves don’t start going down his forearm. The shoulders should no extend any further than to the boys shoulders. For those boy that are a little bigger for their age and don’t seem to fit traditional sized shirts there are always boys husky dress shirts. When in doubt of the size to get when shopping for boys dress shirts you should always go a size larger, because if there is one thing that you can bet on is that your boy is going to grow.

There are also a multitude of dress shirts you can choose from when shopping for boys dress shirts. A boys white dress shirts is always a good choice and is a very traditional look. While other colors such as purple dress shirts for boys can also be found, white or ivory are probably your best bet when getting your son his first Boys dress shirt.

Boys dress shirts are a great way to teach your son about formal styles and fashions and prepare him for later on in life when he will have to wear such attire for work and formal gathering. A sense formal fashion understand is a great gift to give at any age to a young man. So next time your thinking of giving a young man a gift think boys dress shirts.

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