Tie Neck Blouse, Spice up Your Closet

The tie neck blouse might seem like a new trend the way it is being worn these days, but in reality it has been around for sometime now. It is also known as the: bow tie blouse, tie front blouse, and neck tie blouse originally picked up steam in the 80’s, but these days they are bolder and cooler than ever. The modern version is sharper and more casual, but yet still is a great work outfit. The new tie neck blouse also sports a bigger and flashier tie than it‘s predecessor.

Pulling off a more masculine or androgynous look is hard and not for everyone, but the tie neck blouse makes it easier than ever to add a little more of an androgynous look to your wardrobe. In today’s fashion world the styles are currently always adding a little bit of masculinity to women’s wear and the tie neck blouse is no exception to this. It comes in all different colors and materials, the silk tie neck blouse is probably the most popular, and is always a good choice when deciding on a blouse.

Tie Neck Blouse

The style of women wearing tie’s has been around for awhile but for the most part it has been strictly seen within the workplace and now in more casual settings. The bow tie blouse took the look of a women’s business outfit with a bow tie and made it a little more casual. The blouse incorporates a more effeminate larger bow rather than the traditional bow tie, and the bow tie on the blouse can also be rather colorful and more silky.

The tie neck blouse is a great outfit for work and play. It goes great with bright lipstick shades and some playful charm bracelets. A women’s ankle boot also goes great with the tie neck blouse and extenuates the whole look. The tie neck blouse can be found all over and at a range of different prices from The GAP’s thirty dollar blouse to chic designer blouses that can run more than a hundred dollars. With so many different styles and brands it’s important to know which are worth buying and which aren’t. Even though a blouse might be cheap in price it doesn’t mean it’s cheap in quality, having said this you should stay away from tie neck blouses that are too boxy in shape or one’s that are made out of synthetic materials. A general rule is that you should always stay away from clothing made out of synthetic materials because they just don’t breath as well or last as long as natural ones.

Tie neck blouse might not be a new fashion concoction but they are here to stay. Fashions like these that keep on reappearing are timeless and classis and are a must have for any girls closet. So whatever look your going for, whether it be business or casual the tie neck blouse is definitely a style you should consider.

silk tie neck blouse

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