Forget White, The Black Tuxedo Shirt is in

Tuxedos are the epitome of luxury formal wear and classic style. Tuxedo’s have a long tradition and have been around for centuries, they are most commonly worn with white formal shirts underneath. The white formal shirt gives a nice contrast to the usual black tuxedo. But if you really want to switch things up and show everyone your unique fashion sense and style nothing does it better than a black tuxedo shirt.

The black tuxedo shirt looks great with any color of tuxedo even the all black tuxedo with black shirt looks very distinguished. You’ve heard it before in the fashion world “black is the new white”, the black tuxedo shirt is no different. The black tuxedo shirt comes in all different variations of styles too. The black tuxedo shirt wing collar is a very popular style, this type of black tuxedo shirt comes the traditional stand up collar worn with men’s formal wear. For those that are not looking for the traditional standup collars, the laydown tuxedo shirt collar is also available and very trendy at the moment.

Black Tuxedo Shirt

When purchasing a tuxedo shirt you may also want to consider what types of cuff you prefer. The traditional button cuff is great for any occasion but when you are attending a more formal event you may wish to consider the French cuff which is seen as a little more elegant and formal. The material used in manufacturing your black tuxedo shirt is also an important factor. I tend to go with shirts made of natural materials such as cotton. It’s still important to consider syntactic materials too though. Synthetic materials such as Micro fiber will are wrinkle resistant, making your tuxedo shirt always look like it was just freshly pressed. There are also cotton poly blends that do not wrinkle yet give the shirt’s material the texture of cotton. Other choices for your tuxedo shirt pleated and non-pleated, pleated shirts are considered more formal than the non pleated ones. Over all The tuxedo shirt varies in price, but can be found at any department store that sells formal men’s attire.

The tuxedo came about originally in 1860 when the company Henry Poole & Co. created the now tuxedo for the price of whales at the time Edward VII. Edward then gave the outfit to a movie named James Potter. James wore the suit to a country club named Tuxedo Park. The suit soon became popular attire at the club and thus the name tuxedo was give to the garment. The Tuxedo has evolved enormously since it’s birth, throughout the twentieth century it has evolved more and more into something that looks like a business suit and less like a smoking jacket.
So, it’s time to cut yourself loose for the crowd and change that white shirt to a black tuxedo shirt. The black tuxedo shirt says that your fashionable while staying classy and elegant. So there is no better outfit to wear than a tuxedo with a black tuxedo shirt to your formal and black tie events.

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