Cat Bow Tie For Your Classy Cat

Imagine how cute your cat would look wearing a cat bow tie, imagine the reaction you’d get from your friends and family when they see your cat . Bow ties are a great accessory to any men’s formal outfit. They give a certain air of high society and class that is unmatched between any other men’s formal wear garment. And now you can give your cat the same sophisticated look with his very own cat bow tie collar.

Cat bow ties are also called a cat collar bow tie and can be found in almost all major pet stores. Unlike a traditional men’s bow tie a cat bow tie do not have to be tied, so it doesn’t take fifteen minutes to put one on like a traditional bow tie does. Cat bow ties are usually fastened with a plastic clasp or metal belt loop. Another good thing about cat bow tie’s compared to the traditional one’s, is that cat bow ties are basically glorified cat collars, so they should be able to fit your cat without any problems. They come in a verity of coolers and patterns but for a more traditional bow tie look it is suggested to go with back, red, or even blue.

Though the cat bow tie is pretty much new on the market, bow ties have been around for sometime now. Bow ties first became popular with Croatian mercenaries during the seventeenth century. Cravat the French word for tie actually is derived from the word Croat in French. The bow tie gave way to the now more popular neck tie as well as more importantly the cat bow tie.

The cat bow tie collar gives a whole new meaning to the term “cool cat”. So without a doubt if you have a cat or kitten with a sense of style a cat bow tie collar is a must have. Make your cat festive and a part of every celebration while giving him the extra attention he craves from your guest with a cat bow tie collar.

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