Buying a Kids Bow Tie

If your attending a formal event and with your family you know choosing something for your sons to wear can be tough, but with a kids bow tie all that has changed. the kids bow tie gives your boy the same prestige and class that the traditional bow tie would, but with half the size. Bow ties are one of the most elegant men’s formal wear accessories that you can have in your wardrobe why not add the same elegance to your child’s wardrobe.

A kids bow tie is also very easy to put on your kid. Unlike the traditional bow tie that you have to spend fifteen minutes tying, a bow tie for kids are pre tied and simply clasp on to your child’s dress shirt. Another great feature that comes with some kids bow ties is the feature to adjust the clasp length to the size of your child’s neck. Let’s face it kids grow quickly, having this feature to adjust the size allows the kids bow tie to grow with your kid is great. The kids bow tie comes in a verity of colors, patterns and materials. If your looking for a bow tie for your kids that is a little more traditional you should purchases a black, red, or blue colored bow tie.

Kids Bow Tie

The bow tie has a rich history that started in Croatia. This trend later spread all over the world including France where the French word for tie is cravat which is derived from the French word for Croat. The bow tie eventually gave way to another popular fashion that of the neck tie. Though by today’s standards the neck tie is far more popular than that of it’s predecessor the bow tie, the bow tie has still managed to keep the association of elegance and prestige that the neck tie does not comparatively have. So why not pass this rich history to your kids by having them wear one. Not only are you teaching your children about history but you as also passing the importance of style to them, which is an invaluable lesson to learn.

The kids bow tie makes a great present for any occasion. And kids just love them too, because when a kid wears a kids bow tie he can feel like some of his favorite characters on television shows that wear them too, like cat and the hat or count duckula. In fact television programs have greatly influenced sales in bow tie for kids. So much so that many children clothing stores now sell the kids bow tie with their favorite cartoon characters printed on the bow tie itself. It is assumed that a television show where a character wears a bow tie can bring a fourteen percent increase in the sales of kids bow ties. So stop dressing your child is plain and boring children’s formal wear and get them a kids bow tie. A kids bow tie costs next to nothing but will bring pride and joy to your heats when you see your child proudly wear his bow tie for kids.

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