Bow Ties for Women, Because They’re Not Just for Men

Bow ties for women are not a relatively new phenomenon, but they don’t have the history that the traditional men’s bow tie do. Women’s bow ties come in a verity of color’s and fabrics. As a general rule they tend to be a lot more festive than those worn by men. The bow tie itself was first worn by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century. From there the fashion trend spread world wide. Bow tie’s actually gave way to the neck tie, which are also worn by women.

The subject of bow ties for women is not a clear cut subject. The bow tie as a woman’s accessory is multifaceted in the way it is socially viewed and the way it can be worn with many different styles. They can serve a casual garment accessory. When worn casually bow ties for women tend to be more like skinny scarves rather than a traditional smaller sized men’s bow tie. These casual bow ties are more colorful and festive than their predecessor. They can also come frilled and more feminized. The cloth used to make these casual styles of bow ties tends to be a bit more delicate and soft. These types of bow ties are often tied in various fashions that are more like a bow than a true bow tie.

Bow ties for women can also be very formal in nature as well. They can be worn with a women’s suit, a women’s tuxedo or even a formal buttoned-up blouse. The business world is full of women wearing bow ties, its not a uncommon sight to see women wearing them in law firms, banks, or just in general in the corporate office. These formal bow ties for women are almost exactly like the traditional men’s bow tie, some variations may occur such as size differences and such, but for the most part there aren’t any visible differences.

Bow ties for women can also be worn in other non traditional ways that men’s bow ties are not worn. Women are not bound by simply wearing the bow tie as a women’s neck accessory. Women can also wear bow ties as belts or in their hair. Though some may argue once a bow tie is used for something other than a neck accessory it is no longer a bow tie. One popular example of a women’s use of the bowtie is the bow tie necklace.

Bow Ties for Women

Woman’s fashion and fashion in general has prove the ability to mold and evolve a style into a new style or trend. One might even argue this is exactly how the popular neck tie evolved from the classic bow tie. The fashion industry and even more so the women’s fashion industry has the ability more and more to take a garment or an accessory that was originally made for the opposite sex and make it their own. This phenomena is proved no where better than with the bow ties for women, where an item that originally was worn by the hardened and masculine military was turned into an effeminate accessory.

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