Bow Ties and Vest Fashion and Styles

Bow ties and vest are an impeccable combination incorporating the best of both worlds. Both the vest and bow tie ooze of class, fashion sense, and elegance. Both are a must have for any distinguished gentle men‘s wardrobe. When wearing them it is extremely important to have either matching colored vest and bow tie or even simply colors that complement one another. To wear a vest and bow tie with clashing colors is a big fashion faux pas that will make you look just out of place.

The bow tie has a long history starting in Croatia where it was first worn. Great strides have come since the first men wore this elegant formal accessory. Now the bow tie can come in a wide verity of colors, patterns, and styles. But with so much variations it is important to match your formal wear accordingly as stated earlier. Bow ties have also become very popular within women’s fashion as well.

Bow Ties and Vest

The vest also called a waist coat originated from England during the fifteenth century. During this period waist coats or vests were very popular with the monarchy and aristocracy in England. Vests have gone through an enormous amount of change since their birth in England. Vests are no longer simply formal men’s wear now. The vest can now be worn casually and could even arguably be said to be more popular with women than men. Vest also come in all different kind’s of fabric and material. For the most part all these kinds of vest materials are fine for your formal wear, except for leather vests which are seen solely as casual wear vests that are usually accompanied by jeans. Vests are also popularly worn by a lot of cashiers and sales people in department stores all over the world.

Wearing a bow tie and vest is a great choice for any formal occasion. But it can not be said enough to properly pull off wearing bow ties and vests you must be aware of your colors. Many people consider pulling off wearing a bow tie and vest more difficult than other fashion garments, but when executed correctly it is a great look. For the best result you can not go wrong with a black vest, black bow tie, and a white formal dress shirt. If you decide not to wear a tie you should not button up your dress shirt all the way up when wearing a vest over it. Also when wearing a vest you should always leave the bottom button unbuttoned. The top button is also left unbuttoned often as well, but this is strictly a matter of taste.

The vest can either be worn by itself or with a tux over it. Depending on the type of event though incorporating a tux into your outfit maybe a little too formal. When picking out a vest you want to purchases one that is slim and does not go below your belt line, yet it should not be too much above your belt line either. Having said all of the above I think it’s important that any man attending a formal event should truly think about wearing a bow tie and vest. Both items truly set you apart from the crowd in a stylish and elegant fashion.

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