Bow Tie Necklace Easy to Make or Buy

The bow tie necklace is a rather recent fashion trend that has taken over the world. This necklace incorporates the elegant and stylish traditional men’s bow tie and hangs it on a necklace. There are a few different styles of bow tie necklaces that are being worn right now.

One style is literally to get a men’s bow tie(usually bought inexpensively at a consignment shop) and attach it to a necklace like a necklace charm. If your going to go out and try to make a bow tie necklace like this yourself you should probably look for a clip on bow tie as it is easier to attach to a necklace than the other bow tie style options. Another important thing to remember when making a bow tie necklace like this is to use a longer necklace rather than a shorter one. If you were to use too short of a necklace you might just end up making something that look like you are actually wearing a bow tie. As long as the necklace goes past your collar you should be okay.

Bow Tie Necklace

The bow tie necklace can also be found pre-made in stores. These pre-made bow tie necklaces aren’t as rough as the home made one’s and usually feature a more effeminate bow tie and a cloth material necklace. Some hardcore fashion critics might criticize the pre-made bow tie necklaces lack a of “do it yourself” fashion ingenuity that the homemade ones have.

polka dots Bow Tie Necklace

The trend of the bow tie necklace has spread even to the traditional necklace charms. You can now easily find gold bow tie necklace charms and silver bow tie necklace charms all over malls. These charms usually rang from around thirty dollar to a hundred dollars depending on the materials used and the maker. One very popular bow necklace charm is the tiffany bow necklace.

tiffany bow necklace

Bow ties originated from Croatia in the 16th century. Though bow ties were originally only worn by men in today’s society it is not uncommon to see women wearing bow ties in the corporate world with a ladies suit. Though women’s bow ties tend to be a bit more frilly and sometimes appear more like scarves, some women also wear the traditional bow tie as well.

Why are bow ties so popular in female fashion? It might have to do with the power symbolism some associate with bow tie. Bow ties where first worn by mercenaries, so they have a strong association with power. That also maybe why you see them so often at the corporate work place.

Either way the bow tie necklace is a hot new fashion trend that is catching on everywhere. The bow tie in general is getting back in style and your sure to see it’s influences in all different types of fashion all over. So if your looking to jazz up your style a bow tie necklace might just do the trick.

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