Bow Tie and Cummerbund sets

Bow tie and cummerbund sets are very popular in the fashion market. This is because when wearing a bow tie and cummerbund it is imperative that both items are in the exact same color. It is consider a big faux pas in the fashion world to have none matching garments. Wearing a bow tie and cummerbund together gives off a look that is very hard to match with any other men’s formal wear garment’s and accessories. Wearing these two accessories together gives the wearer a certain air of class and intellectuality.

Both items included have a long history tied to them and a lot of dignified men that wore both. The bow tie fashion of today was taken from mercenaries from Croatia. They first started wearing the bow tie at the same time the Prussian wars were going on in Europe. Croatia has influenced the tie in such a way that even the French word for tie which is “cravat” is derived from the French word that means Croat.

Bow Tie and Cummerbund sets

The cummerbund is commonly misspelled cumberbun or cumerbund. This wide waste sash originates from the colonial times in India where it was commonly worn by the British military. Cummerbunds have had a lot of presence world wide within the military. Both the Pakistani and French military have made cummerbunds a part of their military uniform.

Bow tie and cummerbund sets can come in an assortment of selections as both items have a verity of styles. A bow tie can come in a clip on style which doesn’t need to be tied, you can simply slip it on over your dress shirt. Another easy to use bow tie that can come in Bow tie and cummerbund sets is the ready tie bow tie which comes pre-tied but like the traditional bow tie you lace it around the collar. The more traditional bow ties that can come in bow tie and cummerbund sets are the bat wing and thistle style styles. Both these types of bow tie have to be tied by one’s self.

Cummerbunds are not as varied or dynamic as the bow tie. Silk cummerbunds and brocade cummerbunds in pleated or non pleated plain solid style are the most commonly sold. The most commonly sold colors in shades of black, gray, and blue. It’s important when purchasing bow tie and cummerbund sets that you make sure the cummerbund fits you properly. Cummerbunds are fitted with buckles or an elastic band to better fit you in general, but you should still take the precaution of trying on the cummerbund before you make the purchases of bow tie and cummerbund sets.

So if you want to give that extra unique look to your tuxedo or a single breasted dinner jacket bow tie and cummerbund sets are the way to do it. Both the cummerbund and the bow tie add the edge to your outfit by giving you an era of sophistication and class. For the fashionable man bow tie and cummerbund sets are a must have in the wardrobe.

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